The Superintendent, Principal and teachers will exercise the right to follow these disciplinary guidelines. The Superintendent or Principal can suspend and expel students who constantly disobey the policies and procedures as set forth in the 2013-2014 Student Handbook.

There will be consequences for all misbehavior at the discrepancy of the teachers and administration. The following are consequences, in no particular order, for misbehavior depending on the severity of the child’s action:

• Warning

• Time Out

• Note to Parent

• Parent Conference

• Silent lunch at a separate table

• Paddling

• Extra work

• Student/Administration Conference

• After school detention

• In-School Suspension

• Suspension

• Expulsion/Withdrawal 

The following actions will result in disciplinary consequences:

• Bad Language

• Civil wrongs or crimes

• Disobeying instruction

• Excessive absences

• Extortion

• Forgery

• Gum chewing

• Tardiness between classes

• Teasing

• Verbal abuse

The Discipline Policy form located in the Forms section must be signed and returned to your teacher before the student is allowed the privilege of attending Hope Christian Academy.

Lower School: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Students will be treated fairly and reasonably. Discipline will be based on careful evaluation of the circumstances for each case. Age, frequency of misbehavior and student attitude will be factors considered for each situation.

Upper School: 2nd through 12th Grade

The upper school will follow a system of demerits for behavior issues. The chart on the next page shows the levels of demerits.


Very rarely, in instances where positive reinforcement, demerits, detention, and other consequences are inadequate, a spanking will be used as discipline. (This is for Kindergarten through 12th grade only.) First, a meeting will be held with the student. Then, a parent will be notified and given the opportunity to be present. Two adult staff members will be present and documentation will be kept in the office and sent home. If a student receives three demerits in a week, the consequence will result in a spanking.


If any property, belonging to an individual or Hope Christian Academy, is damaged during horseplay or by any reason other than normal use, the parents will be required to replace or repair the damaged item.


Hope Christian Academy is more than a school; it is a family, and it is our belief that we are called to live together in unity. There will be times when conflicts or confrontations arise, and in cases where individuals involved with Hope Christian Academy have wronged another or been wronged, reconciliation is a proper step. Students who have wronged others are subject to discipline and are called to genuine repentance. Hope Christian Academy administration reserves the right to call together individuals or groups that have wronged or been wronged for the sake of the restoration of broken relationships. This is done in accordance with the principles spoken of in Acts 3:19 and Matthew 18:15. It is the desire of Hope Christian Academy that these verses be practiced everywhere, and under all circumstances.